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Zapya app download Version 5.10.6

File sharing has never been so easy! You can use Zapya to share files between devices for free, even without cables or mobile data. New allows you to freely transfer large files to multiple platforms at speeds of up to 10MB / sec or up to 260 images per minute.

Want to get in touch with someone nearby? With the help of GPS location, Zapya provides a quick and accurate way to find nearby devices. In this article, you found how to zapya app download, its features, and much more.

Zapya App Download

Another way to connect to Zapya is to use a QR code. You can extract custom QR codes to share multiple files at once. Some simply scan the QR code and the file will begin to load faster on your phone. You can share files with others without touching your keyboard!

If you have important files on your device that you do not want others to access, you can select them and close them in a hidden folder. This way, the next time you share the file with others; You can’t view or access that file.

In addition to sharing files, you can use the update to chat offline with up to 5 other devices. You can also transfer call history and photos from your old device to your new phone in minutes. Alternatively, if you want to take pictures remotely, you can use the PeerCam feature and control the device’s camera connected with the rights of your peers.


  1. A solid cross-platform file sharing app
    Although Zapya is available on various platforms such as iOS, Mac OS and Android, it is very popular with Windows users. Compared to other systems, Zapya offers faster transfer speeds over wireless or Bluetooth networks. It is noteworthy that the transfer speed is much faster than Wi-Fi.
  2. User-friendly
    It provides a working environment that is easy to understand and navigate. The developers offer excellent customer support in case you encounter problems while using the system. With a strong community, information about Zapya can be found in several online forums, providing a quick and effective way to solve problems. With a simple and straightforward installation process, Zapya does not need to be authenticated. After installing the app, you will be given two scanned QR codes on both devices, so you can easily connect.
  3. Easy to use and understand
    To help you find pre-shared items, Zapya offers a detailed list of transferred files, including music, photos, movies, videos, and text. You can preview these items with a few clicks in the main window. Please visit the ‘Settings’ section to change certain parts of the application. You can change the ‘Start Folder’ method, ‘Inbox method’, and other parameters. The program supports platform file sharing, so you can use it on Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows devices. Downloading Zapya, one of the fastest file-sharing tools, is always a good decision.
  4. A free, fast, and useful tool
    Transferring large files with Zapya is easy, free, and fast. When you start sharing files, the process is completed automatically without any manual intervention. As a result, you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of file sharing. Although it has some limitations, such as the limit on the number of members in the user group (5), Zapya provides everything you need for seamless file sharing. If you want a great file-sharing tool for your Windows PC/android, download your PC/android updates without thinking again.


Is zapya app safe?

Now that you know how dangerous Zapya is, we recommend removing Zapya from all your devices. You may want to try Feem instead. Money works well on all devices and is completely virus-free.

Which is better SHAREit or Zapya?

Both apps are very similar. Almost the same functionality is available in these applications. There are already annoying ads. Personally, I feel that Zapya’s interface is better than SHAREit.

Is Zapya available for PC?

Zapya supports many mobiles, computer, and tablet platforms, including but not limited to Android, iOS, PC, Windows Phone, Mac, Tizen, and web pages.

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