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Xender app download v8.1.2.Prime

Need to transfer files between phones or between phone and PC? Try Xender and experience the fast file transfer and sharing app! Xender app downloads now.

With just a few taps, Xender quickly transfers anything you want, including documents, photos, and videos. In addition to transferring and sharing files between iOS devices, Xender can also transfer files between iOS and other devices.

Forget over data cables, slow Bluetooth, transfer applications that need to use mobile data, and the tools you need to install software on your computer. Xender app downloads now.

Xender App Download

The Xender app can transfer files from mobile to mobile, mobile to PC, and PC to mobile. The process is slightly different depending on the system you are using. The easiest way to transfer from Android to Android, and the only platform transfer I might have a problem with is iOS. Apple has strict rules when it comes to downloading apps. As a result, moving apps between iOS devices can be tricky, but everything else works the same.

It is very easy to transfer from Android to Android. First, enable a portable hotspot and connect other mobile devices (up to 4 devices that can be synchronized at a time) to the hotspot. Second, open the Xender app and tap the plus + and ‘Create Group’ icons. On another Android phone, tap the merge icon (+), then tap on ‘Join Group’. Next click on ‘Group’ to connect. That’s all. You can now freely share your files. This process is the same for all mobile applications.


  • Powerful cross-platform file sharing
    Xender is a shared file sharing program that uses a wireless connection to transfer files, photos, music, and videos at high speed. Not too long ago, Bluetooth was all that aggressive, but Xender has used new technology that allows devices to build their own local WiFi networks. This means no data charges and is much faster than Bluetooth. In fact, Xender file transfer speeds are 200 times faster.
  • Uses the latest Technology
    Xender has become one of the most popular apps on the market since it was first released on June 1, 2017. It had millions of users in just a few months. Favorite does not mean quality mark. Sometimes they are popular simply because they are popular. The success of the Xender is due to the quality and ease of use of its technology. It does the job better.
  • A simple but powerful file transfer tool
    Xender may seem simple compared to other apps. We have packed the best file sharing opportunities with the most comprehensive app that can use multiple connections The program is only 4.5 MB after the latest update, so it’s easy to download. The program is not very simple, but it is made to look simple and easy without being too much fun. The result is a beautiful, clean design that is suitable for everyone.
  • Compatible with phone and PC
    Xender is available on a variety of platforms and devices. For mobile phones, you can use Windows, iOS, or Android. Works on Windows and Mac computers if you want to use a PC. The program is multi-platform, so you can send files from your Android phone to your iPhone, for example.


How can I download Xender?

Xender app download for Android.
Download the .APK file> Click Open> Click Settings> Allow installation on this source> Continue installing> Click Done.
After this, you can use the app.

Is Xender app safe?

Please note that the security measures we take to protect your data are not guaranteed to prevent unauthorized access or use of your data. With other Xender products or services, the data and content you share are visible and can be read, collected, or used by other users.

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