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Wood Marsh embeds Lonsdale Links golf club in the coastal landscape

The Wood Marsh Gallery is home to a golf club in Point Lonsdale, Australia. Lonsdale Lynx Golf Club is located on the shores of Lake Victoria south of Melbourne, south of Melbourne, with 18-hole sand, salt marshes, and wetlands. Above: Lonsdale Lynx Golf Club is located on a hill. Above: The house has a concrete exterior.

Designed by the Woodmash Office, the club sits on a hill where you can enjoy views from different angles and position yourself in front of the trees while looking for potatoes in the golf course. The house responds to the war zone with hunger. His screens have a great sense of creative power and connection to the world.

The outdoor equipment looks old and is said to fit well on the beach. Brown walls and dark wood are added to the brass crystals to reflect the evening light. The roof walls of the building and the dark laminated structural elements shine to emphasize that it is not structural.

There are two round walls around the central entrance of the community and most of the main building is hidden from view.

The door is covered with a painted white metal roof covered with four light bulbs. “The curved tile in the column has an unpleasant effect,” Wood added. When obstacles are encountered, the breathing of the hall narrows the house to attract visitors.”

Inside, the horse circle connected by a table counter represents the restaurant guest and the guest lounge. These open spaces extend to the north and west of the building, allowing you to see the lake, the golf course, and the entire window of the landscape.

Through the door across the street is a drystone wall. The club has a fireplace behind the side element as the center of gravity. From the pile of wood and soundproofing packages, the curtains hang from the middle of the wall to bring the surroundings closer.

The living room and dining room have green carpets with curved edges that make it tempting to walk on the golf course. The marble slab used for the bar table and toilet surface adds more natural elements to the refined leather.

Roger Wood and Randall Marsh started the model in 1983 and continued to create high-quality home sculptures that play on a combination of stability and clarity while using a limited palette of materials.

Recent projects in the classroom include a beach ski club at Lonsdale Lynx Golf Club, as well as a rooftop and concrete roof in Melbourne.

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