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WiFi File Transfer APK Download v1.0.9

WiFi File Transfer APK is a utility that allows you to download and download files from your phone using your home WiFi network. Your computer and phone must be connected to the same network.

This application enables you to upload and download multiple files at once. It can also be managed from the interface of the program (delete, rename, copy or press).

Other features include setting a file transfer password (especially important when using a social network) and the ability to create shortcuts. You can also leave your app running while you do other things.

WiFi File Transfer APK is an application that allows you to transfer files and folders from your phone to your computer. No need to download and download later. WiFi File Transfer lets you create your own channels.

WiFi File Transfer APK

This app is loaded with a lot of great stuff. You can upload or download multiple files at once and upload the entire folder structure to Google Chrome. You can copy, press, unzip, rename and delete files using the built-in file manager interface. There are also options to verify password authentication and shortcuts in your video, music, and photo guides. It can serve as a background service. You can view files directly in your web browser and it works when your device is in hotspot mode. It also provides access to USB storage devices and SD cards.

WiFi File Transfer APK content rating is unlimited and can be downloaded and installed on Android devices that support more than 7 APIs. WiFi File Transfer allows you to upload and download files to your phone or tablet via a wireless connection.


  • Upload or download multiple files at once
  • Upload the full folder layout (Google Chrome only)
  • Delete, rename, copy, compressor open files using the built-in file manager interface
  • Password verification (optional)
  • Shortcuts to photos, videos, and music guides
  • Launch as a background service
  • View images directly from a web browser (integrated icon gallery)
  • Auto-start service on the home network connection (optional)
  • Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices.
  • Works when the device is in hotspot mode.
  • There is no limit to the size of photos, videos, music, installed apps, and other files. Support for selecting file folders to transfer
  • You can transfer files between PC and mobile with HTTP protocol.
  • Automatically back up applications installed to sd card.
  • All features are completely free and last forever!
  • Share any type of file anytime, anywhere.
  • For Wi-Fi P2P sharing, the speed increases to 20M / s. No mobile/mobile data used.


Now you know more about WiFi File Transfer Pro APK 2019, I hope you can download WiFi File Transfer Pro for Android from this page. There are many people who want WiFi File Transfer Pro for PC, but none yet. You can use this application to share files on your PC by connecting both devices to the same LAN network.

We will continue to update the download link for the latest version of WiFi File Transfer Pro APK, so keep visiting the latest MOD APK to find out. No need to download the WiFi File Transfer Pro APK version because we have shared a paid version of this application on this page. If you have problems with downloading or would like to know how to use the WiFi File Transfer Pro application, let us know in the comments below.


Is WiFi File Transfer APK safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. I think you’re using an Android phone, especially since the popular WiFi transfer app in the Google Play Store is safe to use. Like Droid Over WiFi, AirDroid, or ES File Explorer.

How do I transfer files using WiFi File Transfer?

Connect both computers to the same Wi-Fi hotspot and enable file and printer sharing on both computers. If you right-click a file or folder on both computers and select Share, you will be prompted to turn on file and printer sharing and select View network computers available on both computers.

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