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Uefa cares about money not players says Thibaut Courtois

Thiabaut Courtois, who expressed his displeasure with the UEFA Nations League’s third-place playoff prior to the game, spoke out again following Belgium’s loss to Italy on Sunday night.

After the game, Courtois commented, “This match for third and fourth place is just a match for the money.” “We have to be open and honest about it.” We only participate because it generates additional revenue for UEFA. Take a look at how much the starting lineups for both teams have altered. Other players would have played in the final if both teams had advanced to the final. That only proves that we played too many games,” says the author.

Courtois said, “UEFA introduced a new trophy, the Conference League.” “It’s the same every time.” Other teams’ desire for a Super League may irritate you, but the players are unconcerned. They are solely concerned with their pockets and the money,”

how much [players] have changed If both teams had advanced to the final, more players would have been involved, indicating that we play too many games.

“Its inception was intended to support national team soccer with substantial, balanced, and exhilarating matches at all levels, which has really occurred because all teams had goals to achieve inside the competition.”

“None of the income from the Nations League are kept by Uefa; they are completely dispersed to its national organisations.” These funds go toward organising and promoting soccer across Europe.”

The world’s governing body Fifa is considering more changes to the football calendar, including a World Cup every two years instead of the current four.

“You hear that a European Championship and a World Cup should be held every year,” Courtois remarked. “When will we be able to unwind?” Certainly not.

“At the end of the day, prime gamers are going to get hurt on a daily basis, and that’s the top of it.” It is something that needs to be handled much better and with greater care. “We’re not robots,” says the narrator.

We have a World Cup in November next year, and we’ll have to play until the end of June again.

“We’re going to get hurt.” Nobody gives a damn about the players any longer. After a long season, you’ll have to play more games in the Nations League and will only have two weeks off, which is insufficient for players to play at the highest level for a year.

“It’s always the same if we never say anything.” Then there’s the Super League, which is essentially the same thing as the Premier League but with more games and a different trophy, the Conference Cup or whatever it’s called. It’s the same every time.

Fifa, the world governing body of football, is considering more changes to the calendar, including a World Cup every two years instead of the current four.

Courtois continued, “You hear they want to put a European Championship and a World Cup every year.” “When will we be able to relax?” Never.

“As a result, top players will be hurt all of the time, and that will be the end of it.” It’s something that should be much better and better-taken care of. “We’re not robots,” says the narrator.

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