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Robert Helenius Resurrects Title Hopes With Second Straight Stoppage of Kownacki

It lasted, but the “Nordic Nightmare” later returned to the boxing world.

Perhaps the most missed of Uncle Wild’s angry Deontay demolition project on Saturday night was Robert Helenius’s shocking barbarism, also known as the “Nordic Nightmare”, which was destroyed in the evening. Brooklyn resident Adam Kownacki (Adam Kownacki). Some interesting things, a lot of quality at the bottom.

Helenius (31-3, 19 KO), a Finn born in Sweden, seemed to be heading for a major separation. People like the author of his favorite show have been waiting for the return of Helenius’ style for a long time, as demonstrated today in his final victory against the number one star Kownacki.

In the early days of obesity led by the Klitschko brothers, Hellenius was still the heir of the Ukrainians. Helenius has a height of 6’6 1/2 and a moderate size, showing the kind of power that can be adapted to the items carried by Vitali and Wladimir at an extremely fast speed.

2011 was a year covered by Helenius, with a big victory over Sam Sam, who became the first WBO champion and won Sirhei Liakhovich and made a split decision in fierce competition with Britain Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora.

However, in the final battle, Hellenius suffered a shoulder injury during training, and the injury began to rage. Hellenius’ career lasted ten years.

After being defeated by Johann Duhaupas and Gerald Washington and others, Helenius showed his first in many years in the beautiful wilderness. promise. The Nordic Dream may want to know where the old Helenius is going and wonder if he is lost forever.

However, Helenius did not perform well. After entering Washington, he decided to improve his training methods, including eating a high-protein diet, and he soon felt energetic. Helenius recently reflected on the changes he made before meeting the Kownacki heavyweight in 2020:

“I am in good health. My strength is perfect. After three years I will be a healthy person,” Helenius said.

“I started a new diet five years ago. I ate a lot of meat and only carbohydrates were left. It took me a while, but I felt very strong, my muscles and nerves, and my bones were very strong. Positive Because of this.

I know that I am the best form in my life. I don’t have time to fight [Kownacki],” Helenius explained.

In March 2020, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, when Heronius first met Coach, the boxing expert’s surprise was forgivable. Heronius knew he had been called to the cast, but in the end, he was injured and full of confidence. new.

Physically, the ancient Nordic nightmare has made an amazing comeback. Helenius stunned Kownacki and used his height, output, and strength to get his undefeated opponent to fourth place.

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