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Ovechkin scores score twice to reach 732 goals

WASHINGTON, DC – Alex Ovechkin wrote his decision during the game in NHL history Wednesday night.

The Washington Capital star beat New York Rangers 5-1, scoring two goals and scoring 732 goals in 1,198 matches. With those goals, he reached Marcel Disney’s famous hockey hall, making him the fifth NHL player of his career.

“I just feel good. But as I always say: player, day in and day out,” Ovechkin said.

The 36-year-old captain opened his doors to their capital after suffering a permanent injury in the pre-season final. However, Ovechkin was fully ready on Wednesday and increased his playing chances.

There were still question marks in the morning,” said Capital coach Peter Laviolette.
Laviolette entered his history with the 674th victory, the most non-American coach of non-John Tortorella history in NHL history.

Ovechkin’s first goal was scored at 2:37 in the second half in a powerful game. When he hit the capitalist Anthony Manta in the chest and fell on the ice, he went into the guard’s net. Ovechkin tied Dion with his first goal of the season, hitting a pass from goalkeeper Alexander Georgiev.

It was the 270th goal of his career, ahead of Dave Andreichuk (274), the most successful player in NHL history.

His second goal was a short-lived goal. Rangers defender K’Andre Miller took a look, scoring 732nd goal over Gorkhiev.

At the next station, aboard the Capital One Arena scoreboard, Ovechkin took a step forward and played Dion’s video message, congratulating Ovecskin on his “amazing success,” and wrote, “I knew you were going to hit me. “

As people roasted, Ovechkin stood on a bench to greet them.

The enumeration brought Ovecskin closer to his ultimate goal: the full-time goal of Wayne Gretzky’s career in 894.

Following Ovecskin’s goal list: Brett Hull’s famous hockey hall has 741 goals.

Nineteen-year-old Hendricks Lapierre scored his first NHL goal that night, and Ovechkin, one of his favorite stand-out players, gave up 732 points.

“You can see a lot of things on TV. When you grow up, you see him play. But in real life it’s amazing to see how he got a goal,” said Lapierre. “It was a decision throughout the game. He came in and scored two goals. He is the best scorer ever for any reason. To celebrate … the fire in his eyes. You know you want that goal. “

Elan Ulaanbaatar T.J. Oshie Ovechkin’s contribution appeared in 414 of his regular concerts in Washington.

I saw how many goals he scored. I think I watched a long time ago and saw his real number,” Hoshie said.

“It’s a good goal. There are a lot of players who haven’t achieved a lot of games. It’s not old. It’s very special to be here on stage. I’m joking about being together. ris. ” It’s good for my grandchildren. It’s an honor to be here because we bring these myths to our game. “

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