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Ovechkin passes Dionne for fifth in NHL goals

Washington Capital winger Alex Ovechkin beat the New York Rangers 5-1 in the first game of the Capital City on Wednesday, scoring two goals, surpassing the famous Marcel Dion Hall and scoring in NHL history.

Ovechkin, 36, scored the 732nd goal of his career, his second goal of the game, and the capital team won 5-1 in the third period. He is nine goals behind fourth-placed Brett Hull. Jaromir Jagr is in third place with 766 points.

After Ovechkin passed the note, Dion said in the video, “I want to congratulate you on something else.” “I know you can beat me. I know I’m 700. But the most important thing is respect. You’re special. You’re a pure shooter. It’s amazing. You can beat me, and you will come to his friend Brett Hull.

“But the great Gordie (How)? He never scored 50 goals in his career. Wayne (Gretzky)? Forget it. Different classes. But you have a chance!”

In his 17th season, Ovechkin has scored at least 32 goals each season, ending last year’s shortest with 24 goals.

Ovechkin’s 270th goal in the NHL was four points behind Dave Andrew Chuck.

Ovechkin suffered a lower limb injury in the pre-match final against the Philadelphia Flyers in Washington on Friday, and Capital played in the season box after deciding on a game time. Despite missing 11 NHL career-high games, Ovechkin led the Capitals with 24 goals in 45 games last season: four of those in the NHL’s COVID-19 contract and seven in groin injuries.

Ovechkin scored his 709th goal in a game against the Rangers on Feb. 4, surpassing Mike Gartner to take seventh on the points list and on March 16 against the New York Islanders.

Washington striker T.J. Osh told you. We’re playing him, but it’s really true. It can be when he’s transmitting our game legend. It’s an honor.”

Ovechkin can climb to third place with 37 goals this season. After Diana, Brett Hull is in fourth place with 741 goals. Jaromir Jagr was third with 766 goals, Gordie Howe was second with 801 goals and Wayne Gretzky was first with 894 goals.

“You’re going to visit your friend Brett Hull, it’s nothing,” Dion said. “But the great Gordie [How] never scored 50 goals in a game (in one season).

“Wayne? Forget it. Different classes. But you have a chance. You have a chance.”

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