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Nylander goes top shelf on the rush

TORONTO – Ostan Matthews scored seven points in seven games. The main reason for this was linebacker William Nielander.

Recently, Matthews scored five goals and 10 points, giving him 60 points in 60 games. Meanwhile, Nylander is worth up to 59 points. Only Mitch Marner (69), who scored two regular-season matches, was involved in the team.

“The house was very good for us and we feel we have the advantage when we go out into the arena,” Matthews said.

Defender Curtis McElhini started second in a row and stopped 32 shots to win. This season 11-5-1 was the start of Frederick Anderson.

“I obviously appreciated the victory, tonight there was support for the competition again. It makes my job much easier,” said McElhini.

Sam Reinhart scored his 24th goal of the season in the final for the Sabers season (25-42-12). Jason Pominville was different and Chad Johnson was 31.

Buffalo came on the field after a 7-4 win against the Nashville Predators.

Toronto defeated Pat Quinn’s 2003-04 team by 103 points with the most points of the season, but Quinn’s team did so before the NHL began a shootout to sever ties. The letters will yield seven shots in 2017-18.

Johnson opened the scoring at 5:44 when he blocked Tomas Plekanec’s pass.

Buffalo had a chance to score on the table until the end of the period when Toronto defender Roman Polak executed high penalties – even a minor double – but the Sabers could not go far.

The first Pollock had 5:37 of ice time, a second pass to Johnson’s goal and a six-minute high penalty. He finished the match at 19:13.

The second third of the saber started with more than three minutes in a smaller Polak double. Buffalo could do nothing for more than two minutes. But after constantly settling with Toronto, Reinhart made a point pass to Ristaleinen near McElhini and tied the score at 2:27.

A little over two minutes later, Matthews responded to Liszt’s measurement of strength and questioned the highest shot that had just fired into the opponent’s zone.

Nielander increased the score to three goals with 2:37 left.

He scored his first goal with 7:39 remaining in the break when Matthews found Buffalo on the weak line change and passed the draw to the Swedish strip. Nylander then added a second, stepping back and forth before jumping under the fence.

“I thought the first half was really good and then we tied because of the strength of the game,” said Sab How, coach Phil Howley.

“Then we didn’t even master the hockey puck, we had to change the line, and the game went backward. (Leaf) could make a very good and finished game.”

The Sabers lost to Toronto 2:48 in the third game in a strong game when Pominville was hit by the ball.

Matthews scored the second goal of the match 5: 2, completing Nilander’s pass.

Rarely did McElhini meetings begin, coach Mike Babcock decided to pause Andersen. This season Andersen scored the most goals and finished third in the game.

Toronto will close the season with the game with Montreal on Thursday in New Jersey and Saturday.

“We gave Freddie more than a long break, so we gave him two matches (after the season),” Babak said before the game.

Note: Defender Lev Komarov was removed from the team for personal reasons. Matt Martin replaced him. … Travis Dermott was sitting with his body folded. He is every day.

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