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LiveXLive app (also called Live by Live) is a music streaming platform that combines audio and (often live) video available in the US and Canada. Users can access this service via the web, mobile apps on their Smartphones and OTT devices. Allows users to create and share custom channels on music channels.

LiveXLive lets you customize one of your planned channels (like Today’s Hits), or start with music as an artist or song, and customize it. Currently, LiveXLive powered by Slacker has 420 technically selected music channels. The LiveXLive business model offers free ad-supported access and subscription rates that remove ads and provide other features.

LiveXLive App

LiveXLive / Slacker provides traditional genres, skills, and artist channels pre-arranged by professional DJs while allowing users to create complete channels for specific artists. Users can rate their favorite songs and continue to improve these channels by blocking artists or songs. LiveXLive / Slacker allows subscribers to customize their channels the way they like by adjusting settings such as more or more hits, more or fewer favorites, newer or older items. Music can also be combined with music, sports and ABC news updates, and DJ jokes. LiveXLive also offers access to more than 40 live streaming music events such as Rock In Rio, Rolling Loud, and Heart Country.

When a user enters on behalf of a particular group or artist, the LiveXLive app/Slacker immediately creates a channel based on that artist and similar artists. This feature allows users to discover new artists like the ones they already love. Users can also create their own channels by adding their favorite artists. All other channels are automatically filled with the same songs and artists. Pre-planned theme channels (holidays, music festivals, and artists) are available.


  • LiveXLive app, a streaming app previously known as Slacker Radio, incorporates video into its content delivery. Now, developers have decided to use one of the simplest Android video features: picture-to-picture (PIP) playback.
  • Updates are self-explanatory. Whether live or recorded, just open the video and exit the app to continue viewing the clip you found with a small removable insert. It’s that simple.
  • Mid-range programs offer unlimited skip when listening to channels. The free membership option is limited to 6 minutes.
  • Free live video streaming is one of LiveXLive’s main selling points, but it also includes the features you want in an ad-free music streaming service.
  • If you sign up for a premium program, you can create playlists from our comprehensive LiveXLive library.
  • However, playlists can only be shared with other Premium subscribers.
  • You can download your favorite channels, playlists, and albums to listen to offline. The mobile app categorizes your downloads into selected channels, custom channels, playlists, and albums for easy access to what you want.
  • Collect songs, albums, artists, and channels in your library using the bookmarks and likes features. Click Love for your favorite songs, control how many songs appear, and dislike songs that you remove from your list. Change your mind? Go to channel ratings and see what you like and lose.


LiveXLive app is very similar to other music streaming services that allow you to create radio stations such as Pandora and Spotify. However, what makes LiveXLive stand out to me is how it works compared to similar websites and apps.

You cannot select the exact song you want to listen to, but creating a custom channel will allow you to preview the songs. Other than that, it’s a great way to find new music related to your favorite songs you’ve never heard before.

One annoying thing about LiveXLive is that it tells you that some features you want to access are only available if you pay for a membership. These options are indicated by small red dots.

You can also get ads and ads on the LiveXLive app, as a free service. But if you are given that all music is free, you see that this is acceptable. You can also upgrade to Premium or Plus memberships to remove ads if you wish.


Is LiveXLive app free?

To coincide with the launch of LiveXLive’s EDC Las Vegas and the Hangout Music Festival today, the new LiveXLive app is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.

Can I watch LiveXLive on TV?

The LiveXLive app is also available to fans through the LiveXLive website, mobile web, and iOS and Android apps.

How do I download LiveXLive?

Choose a profile > Choose Offline (Android) or Download (iOS) > Select a music category > Select music from the downloaded music list > Select Download > Select Yes in the pop-up output box

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