Art & Design

Guide to studying Art & Design

What’s Art & Design?

Every series or product of creative human activity can be interpreted as art. The best relates to the visual arts, such as painting and sculpture. Many processes involve planning and testing different styles and techniques. Having ideas is as important as creating art.

Similar art and design courses include:

Design studies.

Why study art and design?

If you enjoy creating new things through painting, sculpture, or any other means, then an art and design course might be the best for you.

What jobs can you get as an art and design graduate?

A degree in art and design can lead to an interesting career if you have the skills and abilities. In addition to being an artist, job roles include community worker, fashion designer, graphic designer, artist, textile maker, advertising executive, multimedia worker, and museum curator. Many professional organizations, such as the British Art Council, offer specialized positions for art and design graduates.

What do graduates earn and what do they earn?

In the following infographic, the first graph shows what art and design graduates do in the months following graduation. The second table shows the average salaries of undergraduate and graduate students in art and design. The three competency levels (high, medium, and low) reflect standard UK job ratings of 1 to 3, 4 to 6, and 7 to 9.

What qualifications do you need?

You can be selected in subjects related to art and design based on your GCSE scores and A level (or equivalent). Some courses will require a basic diploma in the subject. The second will include one year of foundation as part of a longer undergraduate program. Other levels and requirements may vary from institution to institution. Always confirm the university/study program you are interested in.

What degrees can you study?

BA Art and Design
Degree in History, Communication, and Commissioner.
BSc Kreatif Creative Technology
BA Fashion.
Examples of modules in the Art and Design course:

Art history
Fashion style
Garden art.
Graphic design
Music and theater arts.

How will you be diagnosed?

Study an art and design course and you will basically evaluate through course work. Theoretical modules will be based on essays and assignments and may in some cases include presentations, written tests, and practical observations.

What are the opportunities for college?

Examples of master’s degrees and research studies taught at the graduate level include advertising, animation, art journalism, design management, documentary, game design, graphic branding, and media design, simulation, photography, and photojournalism.

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