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Deontay Wilder: True Grit

He may not have won the ring last week, and he may not have been generous in winning – either – but Deontay Wilder confirmed Saturday night in Las Vegas that he would be there. Marshmallow young people can – or should – compare:

The real thing

After defeating Tyson Fury in his fourth match with the WBC defense, Wilder – who was the first volunteer – gave it his all. Oh, Wilder has his time, but by the time Fury wakes up knocking a second time, the battle is against the British.

But Wilder’s battles, battles, and battles. Sometimes he goes drunk. At times, it seems that varieties are cultivated. But she also made sure that her husband did not go, as he ate good food after the war.

Critics are more likely to laugh when they say that Wilder’s beating will not be like corruption. Physical wounds can heal, but the hidden wounds, the last wound, we save Wilder from the destructive power he already had.

That is the price you pay for carrying someone else’s sword. There is no doubt that Wilder, after being thrown in the towel by coach Mark Breland in his first game with Fury, did not want to start again this season. Honestly, he was still free to be on the team when Fury took him out again for the winter game, which angered him.

As Shakespeare points out, Wilder does not belong to that root. The man continued walking at eleven o’clock, blood dripping from his mouth, his legs dripping from under him, images of fatigue and severe beatings. In the end, about eleven, Fury put Wilder under him.

The judge did not compromise. There is no doubt that, if he did, Alabama’s descendants would return to violence. Unfortunately, Wilder’s conclusion, physically, did not happen. The body works best when you need it.

While that may be true, nothing should be done as Wilder did on Saturday, the man’s thoughts, his desire to remain steadfast in the face of the dreaded punishment – against millions of people, not just a few – should be heard. Because Wilder was not a soldier or a man of his time and place – he had no talent, he had no talent.

It is made up of useless assumptions, in which compensation seems like a fair price when there is no fair value. The last point was the comfort and simplicity of the iPhone-centric. But that mentality – not so far from yesterday – has been on the WBC podcast list for some time.

Men take things in stride, but Wilder’s true power Grit is something to be admired – and perhaps an example.

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