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Demetrius Andrade: Canelo You Going To Run Up To 175? Cool I Can Meet You There

Canelo Alvarez put a clever smile on the face of Demetri Andrade. Years ago, two World Cup winners called on the Mexican star to face him in the ring. Both have been running at £ 154 and £ 160 for several years. But while Andrade has become a private agent to name Alvarez on a regular basis, he has yet to find an agreement with the ດາວ star.

Meanwhile, Andrade’s hopes of trying to fight Alvarez are low. Due to the extreme change of the large explanatory chart on the plate, it seems unlikely that it will return to 160 pounds. Alvarez’s last investment in the midfield of the division was held on May 4, 2019. On the night, Alvarez recorded a close but clear victory over Daniel Jacobs.

Since then, Alvarez has won the world title with 175 dollars and is now the third of the four world titles with 16 16,168. If Alvarez wins, he will become the first undisputed player in the all-time division.

It doesn’t matter to Andrade whether Alvarez will defend with the crowned crown or decide to return to light power. Alvarez had no business raising his flag later, Andrade wanted to meet him.

“Canelo, will you run to 175?” Asked by Andrade at a news conference. “Very good. I can get it there. No problem.”

While Andrade wanted something more than Alvarez’s capture, he had to work to end the offense. On November 19, at SNHU Stadium in Manchester, Andrade led the fight with a fight with shortcoming Jason Quigley.

While the Irishman is close to a 19-1 win streak with 14 wins, Andrade is confident he can defend his WBO center title for the fifth of his career.

“Anyway, I have to go first on Nov. 19, defend the title and play an amazing show, and that’s what I’m planning to do.”

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