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Canelo Alvarez Dismisses Demetrius Andrade: I am Never Going To Fight With Him

Canelo Alvarez has said many times that he wants to be face to face with some and elements of the boxing world. In the 175-pound fight, the Mexican star took on the biggest and most popular names of the sport.

But while Alvarez likes to test his skills in high-level competition, he has shown no interest in resisting Demetrius Andrade. The WBO midfielder asked titler Alvarez to stay in the ring for a few years and hit the wall with a half-pound star at a news conference. While Andrade holds the undefeated record and wins two separate world weightlifting championships, Alvarez doesn’t think Andrade is in the ring at the right time.

“It’s a very competitive game,” Alvarez Brian Kuster said in an interview with Last Stand Podcast. “I would never fight him. He would never fight anyone.”

Although Alvares denies playing against Andrade, the WBO rankings should attract him. Although Andrade weighs 160kg heavier than Alvarez in the heavyweight division, it is clear that Andrade will be ready to join Alvarez in any category.

“Canelo, are you running for 175?” Andrade gave an interview at a recent press conference. “Be happy. That’s where we can meet.”

While Andrade wants to meet Alvarez everywhere and meet him in the ring, Alvarez expects something even more important. Alvares IBF CEO Caleb Plant is scheduled to be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 6th. When Alvarez misses three of the four world titles in the division, a win over Plant gives Alvarez a chance to become the first baseball player of all time.

In order for a Mexican product to really have a factory name, it would not know its next address. Whatever Alvarez did, he showed his glasses, he did not know that he would fight Andrade in the future.

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