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Byram Snipes First NHL Goal

The 2021-22 season began with some memorable moments for starting defender Bowen Byram.

The 20-year-old played for the first time in front of a vendor in an NHL mansion, drove to the opening of his first night, and scored his first NHL goal.

“It’s really exciting. Of course, it’s something you’ve long dreamed of and it’s good to get out of the way, out of pressure,” Byram said. “I thought it was a fun game and we did a good job here.”

Byram made his NHL debut on January 21, 2021, at the Los Angeles Kings, but was limited to just 19 games due to injuries in 2020-21.

I think I did a decent job last year, but this year I really want to take a step back and express myself, so it’s a good step in that direction.” long way to go. “

His intention was to play the game after he was caught by Avsi captain Gabriel Landeskog and snatched the house from the wide floor.

“I’m happy with him,” said defense veteran Jack Johnson.

Byram, along with Sampo Beach and Alex Newhook, was one of three newcomers to travel to Colorado. This is Ranta’s first regular-season competition since he played two Stanley Cup playoffs last season, which was Newhook’s seventh major event.

“It was always fun to see young men. I know Sampo and Newhook played a little bit for us last year, but I think a moment like today is really special for them. Man,” the coach said. Ray Bennett.

Byram isn’t sure what his plans for the stage are, but he’s not sure he’ll get them.

“I don’t know,” he said. “We need to find out – maybe my mom stole it.”

Byram was not the only one to score a leg Wednesday when goalkeeper Darcy Kuemper recorded his first Avalanche victory and veteran D-man Jack Johnson scored the first goal for the club.

Kuemper was suspended from victory on 32 of 34 shots, including all 13, which he faced in the second period when the team conceded two penalties.

“At this point, I seem to have thought about our goalkeeper and in many parts of the game we defended well and finally we took the record,” said coach Ray Bennett. “Darcy was really good at key moments in the game and he was his witness. We did The Mistakes, we sat on the bench as if he was big and sporty but not sensitive but not excessive, he was just present and he had to play it safe. ”

For Kuemper, Colorado is the fourth NHL team he has teamed up with, and getting his first win on a new line is always a special opportunity for the player.

For Johnson, he attended a training camp in Colorado as an experimental teacher and signed the club Sunday for a year.

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