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Bulgaria vs NI on Sky: Evans McLaughlin out

Northern Ireland experienced a different ambition in the first qualifiers for the World Cup. When Bulgaria played a 0-0 draw in Belfast, Ian Baraklough’s men dominated the clash at Windsor Park but were unable to find a pass. And they almost paid the death toll without Bailey Peacock-Farrell. I thought of a remarkable rescue to deny Dimitar Iliev.

The closest to Northern Ireland was Stuart. In the first half, Dallas shot in the crossbar when substitute Niall McGinn was about to break the dead guard with a volley that went outside. Gavin Whyte also had a good shot from Bulgarian goalkeeper Daniel. Naumov

The hosts squeezed 11 kicks that night and kept possession. But they can not make that pressure an invaluable goal. left Northern Ireland with one point from the first two qualifying rounds.

Team News

Jonny Evans did not join Northern Ireland’s team. It has been confirmed that a recent illness has affected the Leicester defender. Including a long-term foot injury, manager Ian Baraclav said: “He feels ill. And could not train in Leicester and could not travel” about Evans’ injury. Not only does he have to think about his feet for the rest of his career. But also after the football match, I think he has come a long way.

With that and Jonny is happier anywhere “The disease was probably something more than his feet holding him back. But it was a decision between us, Brendan (Rodgers), and Jonny. We do not risk it with him. But he will return to training in Leicester and will have the opportunity to play for Manchester United over the weekend.

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