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Bluetooth File Transfer Android download V 5.63

If you have files on your Android phone that you want to download (or download from your computer to your phone) on your Windows 10 PC, but you don’t have a USB cable, Bluetooth file transfer android is a quick and easy way. Bluetooth transfer can be helpful if you have large documents that you want to share quickly with a partner too large to email, or if you have too many important photos or videos on your phone that you want to save. on the computer.

You can use Bluetooth file transfer android to transfer files wirelessly like photos to and from your phone without charging data. Enable Bluetooth (and visibility) to set up Bluetooth file transfers between your smartphone, tablet, and PC. Set (or pair) your mobile device to your computer if a desktop or laptop is involved.

Bluetooth File Transfer Android

Bluetooth File Transfer android can send files to a connected Bluetooth device, such as some cell phones or other computers.

This is a great way to copy files between your Android tablet and Bluetooth-enabled computer using Bluetooth. Bluetooth File Transfer android is an easy way to transfer files to another nearby Bluetooth device without the need for a separate application. Bluetooth file transfers must support “Bluetooth Share” or have a preferred naming/configuration system.


How to turn on Bluetooth

  1. Open the Settings app (the icon looks like a gear). To access the settings on your Android phone, swipe down from the top to display the notifications panel. To access the settings on your Windows PC, go to the Windows Start menu.
  2. Tap Connected Devices on Stock Android. Tap Connect from Samsung. Select your device for Windows.
  3. Select Bluetooth. To quickly access Bluetooth, swipe down from the top of the screen to display a quick settings panel.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth switch to display a list of paired devices (i.e. pre-paired Bluetooth audio devices) and a list of available devices.
  5. The received device is visible (available) on other devices. The timer can calculate the visibility time and turn it off when Bluetooth reaches zero. Without the switch, the device will be visible while Bluetooth settings are turned on.
  6. To send files from your smartphone or tablet to your desktop or portable PC, make sure your mobile device is connected/paired to your computer (this is done on your computer).


How do I transfer files using Bluetooth?

Enable Bluetooth on both Android phones, pairing > open file manager > select the file you want to transfer > tap the share button > select Bluetooth from the list of options > select the device available from the list of paired Bluetooth devices.

Is Bluetooth file transfer android safe?

The exchange of information via Bluetooth is actually much safer than the Internet. It is one of the most secure wireless communication agreements.

Where do Bluetooth files go on android?

Go to settings and turn on Bluetooth. Click the menu button and you’ll see an option to view the files you found. Alternatively, all files transferred via Bluetooth are stored in a folder called Bluetooth storage (unless the files have been transferred).

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