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Advantage D2C: How fashion brands are making the most of the platform to get a slice of the growing apparel market

In a competitive world where everything can be accessed with a single click on your mobile screen, the only basic requirement is to have a good product. The target audience needs to market this product to those who need it, the most important thing is to understand why your audience needs it and how you can best respond to that need.

In a traditional thematic design where manufacturers have to communicate with salespeople and go through the average person, building a first-class relationship with the customer is a difficult task and in a rapidly changing world. The pre-season trend – has become an old system that is not doing very well, especially for clothing and fashion brands.

The exciting world of Instagram stores and WhatsApp sales has changed from a “let customers spend time with you” mentality to a “go-to customers” mentality. From outdoor fashion stores to internationally renowned brands and domestic clothing brands, every brand wants to take advantage of deadly market trends. The speed increase has been moved and improved on the D2C platform.

Because directly an advantage in the customer platform

  1. There are very few middle class people who have direct access to customers and how they use them. It has helped brands better understand their customers, offer better balances, educate and communicate directly with customers.
  2. Since there is no midwife, companies have better boundaries and they can share some of these benefits with their customers.

Customers. A better understanding of customers and their preferences helps clothing brands create new products that go beyond fashion and meet more demand.

  1. As a D2C platform, the brand does not control altru and geographical boundaries. In this way, customer access anywhere can lead to higher profits and profits.
  2. Working directly with customers through digital channels such as e-commerce sites and other tools such as social media helps build strong customer loyalty.
  3. The D2C platform allows brands to take advantage of changing trends and demand in a short period of time.

During the recent Covid-1 outbreak, several D2C brands have created and expanded catalogs to meet the lack of necessary protective equipment, and the mask is becoming a permanent accessory for most people.

About the Author – Prabhakiran Singh is the CEO and co-founder of the Bewakuf brand.

In the heart of the businessman, Prabhakaran started working while studying at IIT Bombay or arranged a business trip. He started his first career while studying in a cafe in Lassie, known as Khaki Glassy. She started Bevakuf in her living room, in her second year of college in 2012 with an initial investment of 30 30,000. Today, Bewakuf is one of the leading fashion brands. The largest D2C in India.

Introducing D2C helps speed up its processes, which can take years to create. This applies to most industries, especially epidemics around the world. Owning a D2C platform is easy, reduces market time, and requires minimal knowledge resources to create a sustainable D2C brand. There is much better than bad, and that requires a fair price for a clothing brand that is already operating in a highly competitive and fast-paced world.

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